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PowerBar New! Ironman Perform™ - Mixed Berry (Single Serve)
New! Ironman Perform™ - Mixed Berry

PowerBar New! Ironman Perform™ - Mixed Berry (Single Serve)

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PowerBar New! Ironman Perform™ - Mixed Berry (Single Serve)

Product Description
INTRODUCING NEW IRONMAN PERFORM™: A serious sports drink specifically developed by the sports nutrition experts at PowerBar®. Designed to enhance performance, keep you hydrated and help you push your limits when you need maximum energy delivery and cramp-crushing electrolytes.

FOR: Athletes who take part in intense workouts, or who exercise in the heat or humidity and experience significant fluid and electrolyte loss, demand a sports drink made with ingredients designed to improve performance benefits. Ironman PERFORM features PowerBar® C2MAX blend, a research-supported high- octane carbohydrate blend found to deliver 20 to 50 percent more energy to muscles and improve endurance performance by 8 percent.

Ideal for use before and during high-intensity exercise and competition, new Ironman PERFORM sports drink delivers the thirst-quenching fluids, carbohydrates and key electrolytes athletes need to stay hydrated and fueled to help reach their full potential.

WHY NEW IRONMAN PERFORM?: Features unique 2:1 glucose to fructose optimized carbohydrate blend based on groundbreaking research published in the February 2008 issue of Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise and ongoing carbohydrate oxidation field trials conducted through the Nestle Research Center. The 2:1 blend has been shown to help athletes perform better, increase fluid delivery and experience less perceived exertion following exercise compared to glucose alone. Ironman PERFORM sports drink also delivers essential electrolytes, including 190 mg of sodium per serving, to help replenish what athletes lose in sweat and help avoid skeletal muscle cramps and dehydration.

KEY FEATURES: Light, great-tasting flavors help encourage athletes to maximize fluid consumption during exercise. Each 8-fluid ounce serving includes:

-17 grams of carbohydrates in proprietary glucose to fructose blend found to improve endurance performance by 8 percent

-190 mg sodium, a key electrolyte lost in sweat that is associated with muscle cramping in some athletes

-70 calories

-Made with natural flavors and without the use of high fructose corn syrup

-Available in 20-fluid-ounce bottles designed to fit securely in the bottle holders on road, mountain and spin bikes



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