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Cervelo P5 Six eTAP - 2017

The only downside of a bike as fast as the Cervélo P5 Six Dura-Ace Di2 bike is that you'll want to ride it fast all the time. Rest days will be hard. At least they'll go by quicker thanks to all the work that has gone into this ride. Get a ...(Read More)

Cervelo P5 Six eTAP
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The only downside of a bike as fast as the Cervélo P5 Six Dura-Ace Di2 bike is that you'll want to ride it fast all the time. Rest days will be hard. At least they'll go by quicker thanks to all the work that has gone into this ride.

Get a glance of the 3T Aduro bar/stem setup. This 38cm wide base bar with the ski-bend extensions look like they're fixed into a single position, but that's because the integration is so seamless. Cervélo designed the setup and 3T executed it. There are three heights for the base bars, the nominal 90mm stem length can be tuned from 65mm to 115mm depending of the armrest positioning, and can be moved as far inward as 145mm and outward to 205mm with 55mm and 12cm of height variation. And the extensions can be cut down or replaced depending on preference. The icing on this cake is the fact that the cable and hoses exit behind the bars into a stem cavity and go directly into the frame without being exposed to the wind.

Mate these Aduro bars with the Cervélo SP14 seat post, which has 75mm of smooth fore-aft adjustment, you've got a huge range in which to get the position you want. That is, after easily slotting your body into one of their eight sizes, two of which they build with 650c wheels for smaller riders.

The frame, of course, is one fast ride. It was the winning difference at the 2012 Giro d'Italia. The way it cuts through the wind overshadows the fact that this is the best-riding time trial bike Cervélo has made. That's thanks to ComfortPly technology, where they used their analysis to remove unnecessary material and improve vibration damping. They even went so far as to analyze frame finishes and tune the paint for ideal aerodynamics.

Cervélo chose Hed Jet 6 Plus SCT wheels for the bike. These are 60mm deep aero shrouds mated to a 25mm wide aluminum rim. SCT stands for Stability Control Technology, Hed's way of telling you this wheel is great in crosswinds. It has a braking surface that is easy to work with and aerodynamics second to none. The 25mm width is likewise a benefit for lowering rolling resistance, improving aerodynamics, and improving comfort. Thinking aero, the tires are Continental's Force/Attack combo, with a super-supple 330tpi casing, fast rubber and 22mm width up front paired with 24mm width in the back. 650c wheeled bikes sport Grand Prix 23mm wide rubber.

Magura is one of Cervélo's technology partners, and the company's RT8 hydraulic rim brakes, the front behind a shroud, the rear under the bottom bracket, are everything one could want in a brake. They're small enough to hide easily from the wind, powerful enough to stop, with good modulation, and the hoses mean that no energy is lost between lever and caliper. Other than changing brake pads, your only maintenance will be lubing the pivots maybe once a year.

Rotor is another partner, and the FLOW BBright aero crank and rings are impressively engineered components. The arms are light and stiff and aluminum. The rings are solid and stiff and light. And with the 52/36 ratio, you've got enough top-end for downhilling, and enough low gear for climbing. The cranks spin on the BBright axle standard that Cervélo developed with Rotor.

With all this going on, it's easy to overlook the Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 transmission. Ultegra Di2 push-button electronic levers are at the ends of the extensions. They effortlessly move the derailleurs over the rings and the 11-25 eleven-speed cassette. The Di2 battery is stored within a hidden compartment behind the bottom bracket, so it adds zero drag, and the junction box can be hidden in the stem as well.

In the real world, people put bottles and accessories on their bikes. So the down tube cage mounts were placed and the down tube designed with bottles in mind. The top tube has mounts for another cage or an accessory box. There's a bolt for more accessories atop the bottom bracket. And more stuff can be bolted to the seat post.

The Cervélo P5 Six Dura Ace Di2 is built to be the aero bike on the market.


Fork Cervélo All-Carbon, P5 Fork
Headset FSA IS2 Stainless Steel 1-1/8 x 1-1/8”
Rims/Wheels HED Jet 6 Black
Tires Continental Attack/Force 330 tpi, 700x22/24c
Crankset Sram RED, 52/36
Bottom Bracket Sram PF30
Chain Sram RED 22
Front Derailleur Sram RED eTAP, 11 spd
Rear Derailleur Sram RED eTAP, 11 spd
Rear Cogs Sram XG 1190, 11-28
Shifters Sram RED eTAP Blips and RED eTAP Clics
Brake Levers Magura RT6
Saddle ISM PS 1.0
Seat Post Cervélo Carbon, Aero, Rail-Adjust